The Argentine Experience Dinner



Wine Cocktail Experience: 6:15pm – 7:30pm

Dinner Experience: 7:30pm – 11:15pm


A gourmet three-course meal with a twist, The Argentine Experience serves up the best of Argentine cuisine and culture with a slice of international perspective.



Choose from our gourmet fillings and create your own empanada learning the traditional ‘repulgue’ technique. Alongside your creations, enjoy an Argentine ‘picada’ and choose from grilled provolone cheese, slized chorizo saussage and our homemade chimichurri.


Enjoy what many are claiming to be the very best steak in Argentina, cooked to order and accompanied with velvety mash potatoes and oven roasted vegetables. Our top of the line thick cut fillet steaks have a unique 24 hour preparation method that sets us apart from the rest. Vegetarian, pescetarian and celiac options are available on request.



Over the course of the whole evening, enjoy unlimited pours of delicious Argentine wines. From the deceptive Torrentes of Salta to the ruby red Malbec of Mendoza, our specially chosen wines showcase Argentine food the way it is meant to be enjoyed.



Next it’s time to treat your tastebuds to the national sweet of Argentina – alfajores. Get messy covering sweet vanilla biscuits with delectable dulce de leche, roll it in coconut shavings before dipping in melted chocolate fondue to create a delightful treat for all the senses.


To finish, no Argentine experience would be complete without sampling the nation’s favourite pastime – mate. Learn more about the history and etiquette of mate and learn to prepare it from scratch yourself.


Throughout the whole evening our guides will talk you through the distinct Argentine culture that will have you acting like a local in no time – from talking with your hands to ordering steak like a pro. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! Our guides are a mix of locals and expats who know Argentine culture and cuisine like the back of their hand – they love food, they love Argentina and they love to talk!



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